Renée Kohlman

    Renée's passion for food and cooking is evident in her diverse culinary experiences, from working in various professional kitchens to creating meals at home for themselves, family, and friends. Growing up on a farm, she developed a strong connection to the origins of food, and this appreciation for fresh, local ingredients is reflected in her recipes.

    With a background in Fine Art and Culinary Arts, she showcases her creativity and expertise in a blog, using self-taught photography skills to capture the essence of dishes. A love for baking and desserts shines through, as she enjoys experimenting with recipes that use wholesome, quality ingredients. The dedication to reducing food waste is apparent in her inventive "clean out the fridge days," transforming leftovers into delicious treats. Alongside the blog, she contributes to various food columns and magazines, showcasing her recipe development and food styling talents.

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