Determined to make apple cider vinegar more palatable, April and Rhoda embarked on a mission to create a solution that would delight the taste buds while preserving the vinegar's health benefits. Their discovery of the significance of gut health only fueled their passion further, as they found joy in every step they took toward improving their well-being.

    With excitement and enthusiasm, April and Rhoda founded ACVeveryday, offering a range of fun, delicious, and healthy products infused with apple cider vinegar. Their hope is not only to enhance gut health for their customers but also to inspire and ignite a passion for making meaningful and healthy choices each day.

    Driven by the desire to spread their message of attainable health and wellness, Lula Natural Foods' journey is one of friendship, dedication, and a shared vision to improve lives through the power of natural nutrition.

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    ACVeveryday - Wellness Shot (60ml)