Bob and Charlee Moore, the heart and soul behind Bob's Red Mill, embarked on a journey rooted in a simple kernel of truth – a wheat kernel that inspired Charlee to bake a wholesome loaf of whole wheat bread in the 1960s. Bob, with a rich history including military service and ventures in auto centers, discovered his passion for whole grains after encountering the story of John Goffe's Mill in 1968. Determined to bring the benefits of whole grains to the community, Bob and Charlee opened Moores' Flour Mill in 1974, showcasing their dedication to stone milling. Later, the couple took a leap of faith, establishing Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods in 1978 in Milwaukie, Oregon. From a modest Quonset hut to a thriving business, Bob's Red Mill has flourished, offering a range of whole grain products and becoming a beacon of wholesome goodness. Charlee's early commitment to natural foods and Bob's vision have created a legacy of quality, health, and community that continues to enrich lives through every nutritious bite. 🌾🍞
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