Amano Foods

    Teiichi Amano, an immigrant to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1919, played a pivotal role in enriching the Canadian market with brewing knowledge. His initiative led to his eldest son's journey to Japan in 1941 to master the art of crafting tamari and miso using traditional brewing techniques. Following his son's return, they commenced tamari and miso production in their store's basement, catering to the local communities. This marked the birth of Amano Foods, fostered by strong ties to both the Japanese Canadian and local populations.

    Originating as a modest supplier of premium Japanese food products in Greater Vancouver, the company's influence expanded nationwide and internationally. Today, Amano Foods thrives as a purveyor of top-tier, artisanal Japanese culinary items, now overseen by Mr. Amano's grandchildren. The company remains committed to upholding its legacy of unparalleled quality and service. Just as its founder did, Amano Foods eagerly anticipates being the foremost destination for the finest locally crafted Japanese food products.

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