Aaryn Myles Candle

    Inspired by a personal quest for a decorative candle vessel with an enticing scent, the creator embarked on a journey to craft the perfect candle for themselves. Tired of accumulating used candle jars over the years, they envisioned a single substantial candle that would last for months, eventually leading to the successful creation and sale of 60 units of their candles to friends and family during Christmas 2022.

    Realizing the impracticality of an online store for such large candles due to high shipping costs, the focus shifted towards crafting scented candles in smaller, refillable vessels. With a deep passion for the process, the creator takes pride in meticulously designing each vessel and curating the most unique scents, aiming to bring therapeutic relaxation and joy to customers. 

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    Aaryn Myles Candle - Candles (12oz)